'Make Do' Cakes!

30 January 2011

I was feeling quite peckish and nothing in the cupboards or fridge was grabbing my fancy. Cakes and biscuits were what I was craving. But they have to be gluten free, because of my intolerance to wheat and gluten. I look at a few recipes; chocolate cake? I have no chocolate. Ginger cake? Nope, no ginger! Lemon cake? Nope, no lemons either...Grrrr!!!

My mum used to say that cakes don't have to be fancy, just as long as you have the basic ingredients; eggs, flour, butter and sugar. Sometimes you just have to 'make do', she'd say.

I find some margarine in the back of the fridge, would it be enough? I have exactly 5oz, it will have to do, better than nothing. No caster sugar, but loads of granulated. Enough gluten free self raising flour and eggs. I hunt down the vanilla extract, I can't bake without it.

OK, here goes.

Preheat oven Gas Mark 6
I put 5oz Stork margarine into a large bowl, adding 5oz Granulated Sugar and beat together for a few minutes, by hand. I then crack 2 Medium Eggs into a small bowl and whisked in 2tsp Vanilla Extract. I add this to the marg and sugar. Oops, just realized 2 eggs may be too much...oh well, too late. I beat the ingredients together for a few minutes, until smooth. I would beat for longer but my arm hurts. I weigh out 5oz Gluten Free Self-raising Flour and seive this onto the eggy mixture, beating until nice and smooth.

I place 12 paisley cake cases into a muffin tin, filling each with a tablespoon of cake mix, putting the extra mixture into a greased ramekin. Placed them in the center of the oven and wait for 20mins until golden on top (26 minutes for the ramekin).

I wait for them to cool (about 10 minutes) and make myself a cup of tea. Now the verdict...not sure what to expect...I bite into one, it's actually really nice. In fact, who am I kidding, it's blooming delicious!

 Soft, delicous, moist cake with a slight crunchy top. Don't think these will last too long.                         

I'd better make some more!


  1. yummy cakes, great photographs. thank-you mom! p.s. could you make some more tonight, please? x

  2. Will definitely be making more...but not tonight, sorry x

  3. These look delicious...yum!

    Emily x


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