Little Knitted Purse

6 January 2011


My first knitted creation!

6mm needles, cheap wool, piece of lining, needle, button, tired wrists and fingers.
Size approx 16x12cm

I haven't attempted to knit in years. I've never been a knitter. Why not? Because I couldn't master anything other than the 'knit stitch'. My attempts at knit one, purl one was always a total fail! So, this is an area I would like to develop. I used to make small hats and scarves for my dolls, but never really had the confidence or patience to make larger pieces. Maybe I can make small square samples (knit one, purl two, drop four), save them up and make a woolly quilt - now that's an idea! We'll see.

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  1. good for you! knitting is a such a cool hobby, keep it up, i'd love to see what you come up with! x


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