Spiral Design Pin Cushions

20 January 2011

I love these little pin cushions. I think they're really cute, if I may say so myself. When I made my first pin cushion (below and seen in my first post) I hadn't planned to create the spiral pattern, it just sort of happened. I had no idea what design to create, so I just stuck the needle in and began stitching. A circular shape took place which finally turned into spirals. Because it still looked a little plain I followed the spiral shape with a contrasting colour. The buttons add an extra special touch. They were then filled with beanbag filling. Personally, I prefer the spiral designs on the round and square cushions.
I will definitely be making more pin cushions and experimenting with different designs. 
They were so easy to put together and will make such cute gifts.

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  1. Posts and Pics are all adorable....made me :-)
    Welsh Dresser - wow what a find! Definately coming charity shopping with you!! X X


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