Lavender Cushion for a Friend

26 January 2011

My friend recently had a baby boy. I wanted to give her a gift, which she wouldn't have to share with Baby.
I mean Baby already gets all the presents!
I hummed and hawed for ages as to what to buy for her. Then, whilst rummaging through my fabric samples, I found a beautiful floral piece, and instantly thought of her. What could I make? A pin cushion? No, I mean when will she have time to sew?

Deciding on a lavender cushion, I got to work straight away, using calico for the back, filling it with beanbag filling and a tablespoon of lavender. It didn't take long to finish. So easy to create and so pretty to look at.
I feel like keeping it for myself now. But I won't. I hope she likes it.
 Cushion size 8x8 inches.

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  1. It is the perfect present for a new mum as she can put it under her pillow to help her sleep. Try it yourself (with a different cushion B)


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