Present for my Nephew

12 January 2011

I was quite chuffed when my mum asked if I'd used the sewing machine to make this cushion. No, was my answer, I did it all by hand. I really enjoyed making this cushion, and very pleased with the result. I actually need to do one more row of red stitching. I only noticed after taking the final pictures.
I've made it for my nephew who will turn eight next month. I used pillow cases which I picked up, new in a charity shop, for fifty pence each. I cut out 6in squares and stitched them together, keeping the stitching on the outside. I think it adds character to the cushion.  After hemming the cushion the size approx is 10in square. I made a internal cushion and filled it with bean bag filling. I sewed on letters cut out of felt and some old buttons, to add an extra special touch.
The last two photo's are closer to the actual colours. Using my mobile phone camera isn't the greatest in dim lighting, and works best in natural light. I'll have to practise more. I do have use of my daughter's camera, but I don't want to rely on it too much.
Now I'll have to make one for my other nephew who is obsessed with cushions.


  1. Lovely. Lucky Sam. The sort of unique gift that can be kept for a long time. Keep on keeping on.

  2. If you're lucky I might make a unique gift for you too x


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