Little Cushions for Little Hands

3 February 2011

I made these little bean bag cushions for some of the classes in the primary school where I work. A friend at work had given me a few squares of felt, to help with my projects, so I spent last weekend making these squishy cushions, which I am extremely proud of.

There are three Reception/Year 1 classes which are named after fruit trees. Apple Class, Mango Class and Peach Class. I work with each at least one morning or afternoon a week, and completely enjoy my time with them. I've worked as a Nursery Nurse/Teaching Assistant for over 12 years, in the same school, with no intentions of ever leaving. I work with all ages from three to eleven years, but mainly with the Early Years (age four to seven).

I gift wrapped each cushion (20cm diametre) in tissue paper and also wrote a letter to each class.

The children and class teachers all loved their gifts and I've already been asked to make one for an older year group called Holly class. I was very chuffed!


  1. They are so sweet, bet the kids are going to love them, well creative good effort!

  2. Thank you Anonymous, the children did love them, and I will definitely be making some more.

  3. Cool Cushions :-)


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