My Forty-Something Birthday

2 May 2011

I had a very lovely birthday, last week.
Unfortunately, I had to work on the day, but it was so lovely walking into a classroom, playground or the lunch hall and being sung to by the children throughout the day. After work I went to one of my favourite resturants, Fish in a Tie, with my daughter and enjoyed our favourite dish, Breast of duck with leeks, honey and ginger sauce.

Presents from my daughter 
I love flowers in the home so it was lovely to find a small bouquet of roses and carnations in my kitchen. I recieved a bar of my favourite chocolate. For me dark chocolate is the best! I was also given a beautiful Gogo Philip necklace, black eyeliner and a really lovely craft book. The book was given to me before my birthday, which was lucky, because I was able to use it to create the lovely egg cosies in my previous post.
She also gave me a homemade voucher for a cup of tea/coffee whenever I want, for one week, regardless of the time. I was very tempted to wake her up really early to make me a cuppa, but I couldn't be so mean.
 Birthday hamper
I do love hampers! And, I absolutely loved this hamper. Perfect for me! They are so lovely and easy to create, and so pleasing to the eyes. I recieved this from my lovely sister-in-law, brother and the nephews.
The first thing I did was a couple of the sudoku puzzles. I love sudoku!

 My mummy gave me some beautiful pieces of lace and embroidery anglais fabric to add to my growing stock.
I recieved lots of lovely cards and gifts, including a pretty gold chain with a seahorse pendant.
Overall I had a very lovely birthday!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!
    Hope you had a lovely day, how gorgeous does your bday hamper look?! I'm loving the look of the 'Homemade' book and all the pretty lace.
    hugs x x x x

  2. What lovely presents, they really show some thought has gone into them :) x

  3. Tracy Stewart (scrabble buddy!)8 May 2011 at 19:58

    Happy birthday - hope you had a lovely day x

  4. How lovely!!


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