A Little Piece of my Week

21 May 2011

This past week involved a lot of cleaning and general tidying up. It's never ending.
I've been experimenting more with meals cooked from scratch 
and cooked up a delicious mild vegetable curry.
Served with rice and chunky sweet potato chips.
The leftover curry was turned into soup the next day, by mashing and adding a little water.
My daughter's idea. Very delicious served with toast!
I baked a gluten free almond and citrus cake using a new recipe which I created.
It's always trial and error, but this one turned out better than I thought. 
I always enjoy watching the birds feed at the window.
There seems to be a lot more Blue Tits this year.
 I've had the rose since my forty-something birthday and decide to be a liitle creative. 
I filled a glass, layering with white stones and soil and inserted the rose into it. 
I think it looks rather pretty. It has now finally dried out, but still looks lovely.
          The other day my mother gave me the most beautiful bouquet of roses from her garden.
They have the most amazing scent and she has the most beautiful garden!
My tomatoes are doing very well and should be happier since I repotted them.
I've been wanting a whistling kettle for ages and finally found one.
Brings back loads of childhood memories.
And, finally I would like to congratulate my daughter on her amazing blog. I am very proud of her.
She was recently chosen to take part in a mini documentary. Being followed around as she visits the Victoria and Albert museum and hunt for bargains at charity shops and car boot sales.


  1. oooooo yum,the veggie curry looks looovely! As does the cake,have you got the first hummingbird book?they have a lovely lemon drizzle cake in there you would like.i love the pretty flower plates as well, so cute.

  2. That curry and cake look nice :)

    I'd love the recipe when you have a mo, I'm always on the lookout for good gluten free stuff.

    Thanks x

  3. I will be posting the cake recipe soon xx

  4. Looking forward to the cake recipe - it looks yummy. Cool kettle. Well done that daughter! Abby x


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