Easter in Milton Keynes

25 April 2011

I'm so loving this weather, it made my weekend even more wonderful. I've just returned to London after spending a fabulous hot and sunny Easter Weekend at my sister's house, in Milton keynes. Most of my family were there, fifteen in all, eating, drinking, playing games and having an awesome time. My niece baked fairy cakes and all the children and the two eighteen year olds had fun decorating them. They all did a
fantastic job and even cleared up after themselves.
Of course we had to have the traditional Easter egg hunt. We sent the children, and of course the eighteen year olds, on a wild goose chase finding clues around the garden and the house, to bring them closer to the chocolate. The youngsters sent the adults on a hunt, hiding chicks and little wooden eggs in trees, bushes and any random place they could think of. We all took turns to hide and seek the chicks and eggs, with the adults being the biggest kids of all. Little prizes of toys or sweets were handed out at the end of each game.

My sister makes the most amazing meringue and I really must learn to do so myself. The large cake
was sandwiched with butter cream and lemon curd. Unfortulately it wasn't gluten free, so I cut my homemade gluten free cakes in half and filled them with the butter cream and lemon curd, yummylicious!!!
 These colourful egg cosies were really quick and easy to make. I was so chuffed with myself that I ended 
up making one for everybody. I even put their initial on them. I got the idea from a beautiful 
crafty book which my daughter bought for me as an early birthday present.
I hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend, too.
Now, Easter is over I'm back to work tomorrow, on my birthday, how unfair.
Though I'm sure I will still have a lovely day x


  1. these photographs are lovely, i think this was honestly the best easter i've ever had, i had so much fun! i adore the little egg cosies. you should definitely make more to sell!

    happy birthday, mum


  2. Sounds lovely - the egg cosies look fab :) x

  3. the cupcakes look yummy. Looks like you had a fab easter x

  4. Sounds like a lovely Easter weekend was had. Those cakes look so yum. Nothing quite like spending the holidays with family doing fun little things together. I haven't had an Easter egg hunt in forever. haaha


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