Fabric Samples From a Friend

10 February 2011

A friend of mine recently gave me a selection of beautiful fabric samples. 
I had told her about my new projects and was really thrilled when she handed me the gorgeous 'Romo' textured weave sample book. The sample colours are absolutely amazing. There are thirty-nine different shades including pinks, browns, creams and greens, measuring 30x21cms each.
A week later she gave me four books of quality 'kvadrat' felt samples. They are made from 100% new wool in the most beautiful shades of greens, blues, reds, purples, oranges, pinks and yellows. 
There are about fifty different shades, measuring 15x30cms each.
I'm planning to make lots of little cushions with these, design ideas are already whizzing around my head. A lot of birthdays are coming up, so lots of cushions need to be made. I think they will make such lovely gifts. Maybe I can try and sell some the next time I do a car boot. I'm off to Thailand this weekend for a couple of weeks and have packed a small selection of felt and sewing accessories so I can make a start whist on the aeroplane, hopefully it'll take my mind off the flight. This will be my first proper holiday in a very long time and hopefully I can bring back some beautiful fabric to add to my ever growing collection. See you in a fortnight! x


  1. Oohh look forward to seeing your beautiful creations......my birthday is in a few days...hint hint....hahha....Maybe Christmas instead! :-) x x

  2. Maybe I'll make you one for Easter! x


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