My First Handmade Wedding Bouquet

21 October 2012

Congratulations to my sister who got married last weekend to a very lovely man. 
It was a chilly but beautiful day, filled with happy smiles and laughter.
 I recently taught myself to make fabric flowers and I'm proud to present my first handmade wedding bouquet, especially made for my sister. The men also wore handmade corsages.
Photography by Jazmine Rocks

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Barrina xx


  1. Looks like a lovely day, with beautiful flowers! Need to get my act together and try these out soon...

  2. Wow so beautiful, and so decorative they make such perfect wedding flowers. Such a lovely keepsake for your sister too xxx

  3. That is so wise! Making a handmade wedding bouquet will not only save you money, it will also last long because it will never wither! Haha! Anyway, the wedding bouquet you created for your sister is really a priceless treasure. Thanks for sharing!

    Nan Blume


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