Simple Cross Stitch Cushions

6 January 2012

I made these cushions for my niece and nephew. It was meant to be their Christmas presents, but I hadn't realized how long they'd actually take to make, so they got them for New Year instead. 
This was my first attempt at cross stitching and I'm very pleased with how beautifully they turned out. 

I'd wanted to create pretty designs like flowers, boats and so forth, but it was all a bit too daunting for me. Instead I played around with different stitches and threads to get a good feel of it and I absolutely love it. I hadn't realized that Sophia's design was not completed until after I'd finished putting the cushion together, so she got some pretty buttons and a flower sewn on instead. Another nephew has requested one for himself, after seeing these, so I'm thinking Easter presents...

Have a great weekend!

ps. I am also doing a little giveaway of a handmade lavender heart here.

Barrina xx


  1. Well done!
    What lucky kids to get such an awesome gift from their Auntie!

    I noticed you used in parts what looks like Tapestry wool, I have some I'll probably never use, would you like them? Let me know and I'll post them to you, they are very light.

    Sandie xx

  2. Happy New Year, I love the cross stitch cushions what a great idea. Hopefully something they'll treasure for a long time. I've been meaning to have a go with some cross stitch myself, I got a magazine ages ago that came with a free kit to make some cards. This has spurred me on! :) x

  3. They look great! Such a nice and personal gift idea, and I like the bright colours too.

    Emily x


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