Happy Surprise Birthday Dear Brother

31 January 2012

One Saturday we celebrated my brother's 40th with a surprise birthday party at his home in Bournemouth.
One of my brothers had arrived early from London with his family and took him out to watch the footie. 
I travelled down on a later train with my mum, daughter and older brother, 
whilst my sister, her partner and my niece drove down from Milton Keynes.
Is name isn't really Bert, that's just a nickname given to him by my daughter and has just stuck. 
We all arrived around 1:30 which gave us over an hour to say hi to everyone, blow up balloons, lay out the food and wait. His wife had prepared a delicious lunch and he did wonder why she was cooking so much chicken.
My sister had arrived laden down with even more homemade food and everyone else contributed with drinks and snacks, creating a truly scrumptious spread.
He actually returned ten minutes earlier than planned, almost surprising us.
It was so wonderful watching his face when he arrived to a house full of friends and family.
Those who couldn't make it called later and my brother from Manchester even made a brilliant recorded message for him, which had us all in stitches.
 Mum set the fire alarm off as she came downstairs with his homemade birthday cake.
 Checking we'd put on the right amount of candles.
  One puff was all he needed!!!
 Pretending mum's cake was hard has rock!
 He'd asked me to make curtains to put up in his garage. This was a bit of a challenge for me as I've never made curtains before. I'm very pleased with the result. We hung them using a bamboo garden cane and secured it with string. Yes, I work in a school!
Today he is officially 40!!!

Happy Birthday Fitz (Bert), Love You Loads xx

Barri xxx


  1. Mark, I just added another photo. So did you mean the blurry one with the cake? I like that one x

  2. Awesome pics babes, it was a brilliant day! Fitz was well pleased and (quite!)surprised! excellant organisation as usual from you and loving the curtains! xxx

  3. What a wonderful surprise, sounds like the best party :) x

  4. Wow, this bash looks fantastic. All arrangements are pretty nice. We are getting engaged and would like to host a small Thai themed party for loved ones. We are trying to find the suitable New York Event Venues for this bash. Could anyone help in finding?


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