Little Bag and Matching Apron

21 January 2012

This bag was made as a gift for my mum and it came out way better than I'd hoped.
Lining the bag wasn't as tricky to do as I'd first thought, although adding the strip of velcro did make me curse. 
The button came from my mum's old sofa which she had bought way back in the 70's and had only parted with a few years ago. She'd cut the buttons off as a keepsake.

 The apron turned out a little bit wonky, but hey, it was my first apron and mum loved it just the same.
Next time I might even try to add pockets.

Have a great weekend!

Barrina xx

1 comment

  1. Lovely makes and Mum loves them too!
    The apron looks perfectly fine to me!
    Well done!

    Sandie xx


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