My Kitchen Window

16 April 2011

I have been getting rather peeved with my kitchen windows lately. Mainly because I needed some privacy from my neighbour's prying eyes without blocking out too much light, but at the same time I didn't want to put curtains up. The baskets and plants on the windowsill created a little privacy, but it wasn't quite enough. So, I decided to try out the sticky back plastic for windows, and was surprised at how easy it was to apply.

What a difference it now makes. The windows looks much prettier and I can now walk into my kitchen in the nude and not be spied on, not that I do that, but if I wanted to I could...

The white shelf was purchased by my daughter at the car boot sale for one pound fifty, and looks great beside the newly painted baskets. I've also been sorting out my indoor garden by repotting my plants, plus planting salads, chillies and tomatoes. More on that in future posts.


  1. i love the little shelf Jazz picked out - it looks like a tiny bench :) i love that you have some outdoors, indoors! xx

  2. Nice solution. You have the outside indoors without those outdoors seeing inside. Cool.


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