Hooray for Springtime!

26 March 2011

The clocks go forward, we'll lose an hours worth of beauty sleep, but who cares when Spring is in the air...
I love springtime, watching the flowers and trees coming back to life, longer days, bluer skies, bigger smiles...
I especially love daffodils, it gives the home such a warm feeling. These were giving to me by a family friend.

But, most of all I love birdwatching!
There's a silver birch tree outside my living room window and I attached small bird feeder to the window. 
Blue Tits, Great Tits and Greenfinches visit to enjoy tucking into sunflower seeds, and it is such a beautiful sight watching them. Occasionally, robins and goldfinches have tried to use the feeder, but so far without any luck.
Blue Tit

Great Tit
 These photographs were taken during the Winter. The birds come throughtout the year to feed and it is the most amazing sight in April and May, when they bring their babies with them. The babies always look quite scruffy but that just adds to their beauty. The parents feed them in the tree and very soon the young birds have a go themselves, and eventually master using the feeder.
Spring definitely is the best time of the year!


  1. Yes, it is lovely when spring has sprung. Nice pics. Daffs' always remind me of my childhood & I also enjoy bird watching...

  2. hi :)

    thanks for the comment, im so glad you did as it led me to your lovely blog!
    these pics are beautiful, i love love love your shabby chic bits and bobs and those daffodils :D

    following you now :)


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