Revamped Wicker Baskets

14 March 2011

I've had these wicker baskets for a few years now and had become very bored of them. I'm in the process of revamping my kitchen and was looking for white plant pots to brighten up the window sill. 
Unfortunately, I'd been unable to find what I wanted at a reasonable price. 

Yesterday, I had a brainwave. Paint the baskets white!

I'm very pleased with the results, the revamp has made the window look much brighter and fresher.


  1. they're so cute! white wicker baskets are so pricey in the shops! madness! x

  2. the wicker baskets really do look so much better painted white, they look lovely! xx

  3. Good work. Lightening up for spring, hey?

  4. Oh this makes me long to do something like this! We have friends in Tranquility, NJ, who have a large mill (the husband is an architect, he renovated it amazingly) and my friend did a similar thing in a large window seat in the kitchen: just tons of plants in wicker baskets, it looks so beautiful with the waterfall outside the window.

    Came to say thank you for visiting my blog and your nice supporting comment! (it's Jill btw: polka dot) xx


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