A Stroll through Battersea Park

15 May 2012

A time to admire the beauty around you...
A time to relax...
A time to reflect...
And reflect some more.
Enter into the Old English Garden...
Where you can admire the beauty, relax, reflect and...
Make new friends.

The squirrels were amazingly cute! They took food from my daughters hands so delicately and with such trust.

Such a beautiful place to be. 

Barrina xx


  1. Such a lovely post! Beautiful photos, especially the buttercups and reflection of the trees.
    I didn't know squirrels could be so tame :)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind wishes darling xx

    Your pictures are amazing, you are an excellent photographer xx

  3. Pretty pictures, love the old english garden in battersea park.


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