My First Attempt at Crochet

24 March 2012

On Wednesday a friend and I attended the Cath Kidston 'Learn to Crochet' workshop, in Battersea.
The workshop was only £15 and we received this gorgeous Crochet Kit in a Book Tin  worth £20.
 The kit includes a crochet hook, six balls of yarn and instructions to make this beautiful patch cushion cover, but if you find there is not enough wool to complete it you can request a little more.
 Did I arrive believing I'd make at least one little square by the end of the night? Of course I did.
Did I even make a square?! 
Starting off was tricky and it took us a few goes to even manage the slip knot.
We eventually mastered the foundation chain and the foundation ring, but after that, well what can I say?
 The two ladies running the workshop were very lovely, but I felt they could have used an extra hand. There were fourteen of us with the majority having absolutely no clue and reading the instructions was a little daunting.
We had to wait very patiently for a little one-to-one to get us to the next stage.
Maybe three tutors with small groups each would have worked better.

By the end of the workshop the lady next to me had created this. Her daughter had guided her through the stages and she did a fantastic job. Wish I'd sat next to her too.
Her daughter, who has obviously done this before, went on to create this very pretty piece.
 I'd given up trying to follow the instructions and just played around getting used to the hook and tension.
The Daughter showed me how to change colour and I managed to produce this apple looking thing.
At the end of the evening we were each given a feather cushion pad, as an incentive to complete the cushion cover, and a 15% discount for that evening. Overall this workshop was great value for money.
There are some great tutorials out there on the web, including a 'How to crochet: Granny Square' series of easy to follow lessons. I'm confident that I will learn to crochet and eventually make this gorgeous cushion.
All in all we had an enjoyable evening and the staff were all very friendly. I'll definitely be looking out for other Cath Kidston workshops in the future.
Have a Fabulous Weekend!

Barrina xx


  1. This is a lovely kit. Good luck with completing it.

    1. You did great! I taught myself how to crochet by watching YouTube videos. I still only do simple items. The instructions are sometimes like reading Greek, so I definitely avoid that particular project. My mother, grandmother, and aunt, all crocheted. But I never ask them how to crochet. All I knew was a person wiggled their wrist and made what looked like knots in different sizes. I've watched many videos on how to make different items and noticed in the U.K. that what we call a Single Stitch, it is called a Double Stitch in the U.K. I also noticed that the people crocheting in the videos, all hold the hooks differently. In trying to do as they were doing, I succeeded in nearly cutting the circulation off to my hand!! (not really but I did have a good bird nest of yarn in that hand) I've got that part figured out now though. I also had trouble with having the correct tension on the flow of yarn while making the foundation row. My chain had loops/circles big enough to look like a ship's anchor chain, to small loops/circles that are the size of necklaces!! I finally got the hang of how to make all the stitches the same. But I still have the most trouble with the 2nd row of almost any item I try making. After I get past that row I'm ok.
      I'm currently making an afghan using a bulky yarn and just using a single crochet and a double crochet in the same stitch. It's about one third done.
      I just realized I've almost wrote a novel here. Sorry. I'll definitely try my hand a making a rug using the Amish Knot as in your video.
      thank you for showing how
      Janie I. (living in western part of Kentucky, U.S.A.)

    2. Hi Jane, this definitely is a mini novel. Thanks for taking the time to write. Basically, anything with numbers confuse me :-) Enjoy making your rug!
      Happy crafting! Barri-Jayne

    3. Hello again,
      Was checking to find where you posted your email address but can't find it!?!? I was going to send you the picture of my 'button jar. If you could, would you post your email again? Please?
      I meant to ask: How ahead or behind is your time as to my time? I'm in the Central time zone. Right now it's about 4:40 A.M. Monday, October 2nd.
      I couldn't sleep so just goofing on my cell phone. I worked straight midnights for nearly 15 years so my sleep cycle is really goofy.
      I'm fixing to go wiggle my wrist & work on my Afghan. I still got 5 6oz. Skeins to crochet. Hope it's long enough for what I want.
      My address is:

  2. This sounds like a wonderful workshop, I would love to be taught to crochet one day, I have always wanted to be able to learn how to do it. The tin is gorgeous xxx


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