Lavender Heart Cushions and Mini Tote Bag Keyrings

18 March 2012

For the past two weeks I've been quite busy. Busy sewing lots of pretty little things for next months vintage fair. This will be my second sale and I'm really looking forward to it.
Of course my lavender heart cushions are a must make, and I've made quite a few of those already.
I've also been busy making these mini tote bag keyrings. 
I came across a tutorial here, but made it my own by filling each tote with lavender and only adding one handle. 
I'm absolutely in love with them!
What do you think of this fancy dress keyring? Cute isn't it! I filled this one with scented beads. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with the beads. The packet said rose, but it didn't really smell of roses. 
Still it is a nice scent, just not rosy!
If you're in Putney on Sunday 15th April, then why not pop into the 'The Star and Garter' by Putney Bridge, 
I'm sure it's going to be amazing!!!
On Wednesday a friend and I will be attending the Cath Kidston workshop, 'Learn to Crochet'. 
I've always wanted to learn and couldn't resist this opportunity. £15 for a two hour workshop, including the Crochet Kit in a Book tin, worth £20, tutorial on how to make this gorgeous cushion, and 15% discount on the night. 
What a bargain, I'm so looking forward to this!
Have a fabulous week! 

Barrina xx


  1. I lavender pillow is divine, what a colour. I am a great fan of Lavender Pillows and sell a comprehensive collection.

  2. Hmm! Nice keyrings. If I'm in Putney on April 15th I shall pop along and buy one or two.

  3. OOH very pretty makes, your stitchwork is beautifully neat x


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