Pretty Little Drawstring Bag

4 September 2011

I'd bought this top from my local charity shop for 50p, but unfortunately it was a touch too tight for me. My daughter had suggested making a cushion cover with it, but none of our cushions were small enough.

I decided to turn it into a drawstring bag (10 x 14ins) after successfully making a really cute smaller one (4 x 4in). The joys of having a working sewing machine. Well, when I say 'working', what I really mean is that as long as you don't sew too fast the thread won't break.

I still need to fiddle around with it a little more and hopefully I can get it completely sorted. As much as I love to sew by hand having a 'semi' working sewing machine has made a huge difference and allows me to be a little more creative.

I'm very pleased with my little bag and looking forward to making loads more. Perfect little gift! 

I've had a fantastic six week break from work and now I must switch my brain back into work mode. 
It's going to be hard having to crawl out of my lovely bed really early, but it has to be done.
Have a fabulous September


  1. What a lovely bag, i have a sewing machine that I've still yet to get to grips with. I'm hoping that I'll get myself on a sewing workshop by the end of the year and I'll be away then :) x

  2. Hi barri, yes the flour is Dove Farm plain white flour. I'll email you the receipe today :) x

  3. So you are smaller than a small cushion? :-)


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