Plant Swaps, Sewing Machines and Postcards

9 July 2011

This past week has been quite busy. As we draw to the end of another fantastic school year everything becomes a bit crazy: Open Days, Reception Class Graduation, Sports Day, Reports, Concerts. I have six more working days left before we break up for the Summer holidays and boy do I need a break. 

Last week I did a plant swap with a friend at work. I received this gorgeous begonia in exchange for an aloe vera plant. I also threw in one of my young chilli plants and hopefully they will bear fruit for us.

I haven't had much time to do charity shopping and I'm disappointed to hear that my local car boot will not be open for the whole of August. I did pick up a pack of one hundred beautiful postcards and have promised myself to write to friends and family in the traditional way. I posted out four cards today, just need to buy more stamps and update my address book.

Hopefully this Summer I'll be able to get my sewing machine working properly. I'm able to sew for a while then suddenly the thread snaps, which is so frustrating. I'm confident that I'm threading correctly and using the correct tension. The last time I got the sewing machine out I made three small cushions and the thread snapped halfway through the forth. If my sewing machine had ears she would have been ashamed of the language which came out of my mouth. Any tips on what I could be doing wrong???
A friend of mine gave me ten of the most gorgeous fabric sample books, so I need my sewing machine working properly. I have so many ideas in my head but I'm unable to do anything about it. Here are samples from two of the books. The right samples are touchy feely velvet, perfect for little cushions.

Have a fabulous weekend xx


  1. Hey Barri :)

    Did you get my email about the loyalty card wallet? If you let me know what colours she likes I will try get it done and sent to you soon but I am away now till the 18th so it won't be till that week


  2. I used to have a sewing machine that did that too. I thought it was a case of the tension "sliding" a little as I used the machine. It helped if I loosened up the thread in the machine every so often. If that doesn't work contact the manufacturer or even just their website to see if they can give you any tips. My old machine just had its own personality - some days were good some days it chewed up material! Good luck with yours!


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