Gluten Free Coconut Cake and Belated Birthday Wishes

16 July 2011

I recently made a gluten free coconut cake using my almond cake recipe as a guide. My first attempt turned out really well and I was extremely chuffed with the result. The cake was moist, slightly crumbly and went down very well.

Preheat oven Gas Mark 6 and grease a 9x5in Loaf Tin.

Cream together 6oz Stork Margarine and 6oz Caster Sugar in a Large Bowl. 
Beat together 2 Medium Eggs and 2 Tsp Vanilla Extract. 
Add to bowl whisking until smooth. 
Add 3oz Dessicated Coconut and mix in.
Sieve in 4oz Doves Farm Gluten Free Self Raising Flour with 1/4 level Tsp Xanthan Gum 

Stir until mixture is smooth. 
Put mixture into greased loaf tin and bake in the centre of the oven for 40 minutes. 
Leave to cool before turning out onto a cooling rack.
The cake taste so much better the next day.

19 years ago at 14:28pm on Wednesday 15th July 1992 my daughter, Jazmine Rocks, was born. I can't believe how the time has flown by. Where do the years go? Of course we argue and disagree often, but I'm very proud of the relationship I have with my daughter. I would like to wish her all the best for the coming year.
Hat, c/o Next - Bag, car boot sale, £1 - Cropped jumper, dress, belt and sunglasses, charity shop, 50p each
She loves charity shopping, wandering around the Victoria and Albert Museum and drinking the occasional Starbucks. She has made me very proud mummy over the years and has her head firmly on her shoulders. She also has a beautiful blog called Jazzabelle's Diary. Do pop over and have a look.


  1. Oh yummy looking cake! And a big happy birthday to Jaz - so grown up since I last saw her all those years ago in London! She's quite the beauty - you have reason to be proud.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful, I can see why you are so proud of her! Her blog is fabulous too...I have severe figure and style envy.

    Your cake looks scrummy, feel free to send any experiments my way ;)

    Thank you for your kind words on my last blog post x


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