Wedding Day Cross Stitch Keepsake

3 July 2017

It's been just over three years since I last posted on my blog, so what better way to come back than with a beautiful Wedding Day keepsake. I was commissioned by the bride's Godmother to create a bespoke wedding gift for the happy couple. Originally, it was not going to be left in the hoop, but I had not removed the aida cloth for the duration of the make and found it difficult to iron out the creases. 
The end result turned out much better than my original plan.

I learned to cross stitch a few years ago, but didn't really get into it that much. Last year, I tried again and this time it became a bit of an obsession. I will show off some of my recent makes in future posts.


 Here are a few more Wedding Day Keepsakes, which I made some years back.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!
 Love Barri-Jayne x

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