Handmade Slouchy Slipper Boots

26 January 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything remotely creative. That’s if you don’t count my newly painted bathroom, which you can see on mine and my daughter’s blog and over on the Laura Ashley blog.
I recently bought a pair of slippers for a friend and think she may have been slightly disappointed that I’d not actually made them. This gave me the little push I needed to get my creative fingers moving. I was in need of a new pair myself and decided to have a go at making my first pair of slippers. The pair I'd bought for Christmas had already become shabby and sad looking. They were comfy and I loved the fit, but the fabric was absolute crap! I'd given them one last wash. They smelt great, but still looked shabby!
I pulled them apart, so I could use it as a pattern, keeping the lining, as it was still in good condition. Adding a pair of insoles, for extra padding and soft leather fabric for the soles.
   Working inside out, I stitched the upper sections of the slipper together, then very carefully machine stitched the sole to the upper. I found it a tad tricky, but thankfully the leather wasn't too thick.
 Keeping the outer slipper and lining inside out, I sewed them both together, using a blanket stitch, leaving a big enough gap at the toe to insert the insole. Also, being very careful not to end up with two left feet... or two right feet. Must've checked and double checked at least fifty times.
  I then pulled the slipper inside out (bit tricky as the sole is a bit thick) and hemmed the top of the slipper to the lining. Finally, I turned the whole slipper back the right way and...

Da daaa! New comfy slouchy slipper boots. I'm very happy with how they've turned out. They fit beautifully and are very comfy. We'll see how long these last. Hopefully more than four weeks.

Love Barrina x


  1. Brilliant,,,,,,something ive wanted to do for a long,,, time,feeling inspired now xx Debs

  2. Brilliant. Very professional and they look REALLY comfy.

  3. Very cool. And they look so comfy!!!



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