My week in pictures. Week Six!

31 August 2013

 Busy painting more frames. It's amazing how far a sample pot of paint can stretch. I'm also going to paint a lime green feature wall, which I think will look awesome with the purple frames.
The top photo is me aged around seven.
Last Sunday night I went to bed, got out a few minutes later, sanded and painted my dining table. I'd picked it up from my local charity shop ages ago for a tenner. Makes my small space look so much bigger.
The next day I gave it a second coat. Of course I couldn't stop there. My little cupboard and coffee table where next in line. I'd picked these up for a fiver each. Forgot to take before shots, oh well! Oh yes, I also got a little bit carried away and painted the wall behind the cabinet (the whole wall).
 I love charity shops, although some can be quite expensive, but most of our local ones are really cheap. These baskets and boxes cost five pounds for the lot.
My daughter had jetted off to America to be part of Magic Week in Vegas, followed by a week in LA, visiting Disneyland and having an amazing time. I think this is the longest we've ever been apart.
photo from jazzabelle's diary
I did have a lovely time without and worried very little. She returned on Thursday laden with loads of goodies for me, I feel so spoilt.
Last night we went into Kingston to see Rizzle Kicks perform at McClusky's nightclub. They were pretty amazing!!! Drinks were dead cheap and the music was great, I might actually go back.
My Summer holidays are now over, so so sad! Back to work on Tuesday, back to reality.
I've had a wonderful six weeks.

Barrina xx

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