Photography #4 Full Moon

14 February 2012

On Tuesday (7th February) I'd spent most of the evening staring out of my window at the bright full Moon in a mostly cloudless sky. Camera and tripod came out and I must have taken over one hundred shots of it. 

I wasn't expecting anything spectacular so was very surprised, when I looked at the photos on my computer, to find some lovely shots of the silhouetting branches and one clear shot of the moons surface. 

I don't know much about shutter speeds and ISO settings etc, but I figure if I got one good shot I must be able to get clearer shots in the future. I just need to play around with the settings a lot more.

I kept the last photo in because it looks like a heart...soppy me!

 Have a fabulous week!
 Barrina xx

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  1. Wow I love your photos - you are so creative. I know exactly what you mean about the moon, I did the same thing a short while ago - not as creative as yours with a really bad camera, but I captured the moon!


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