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20 December 2011

photo stolen from my daughter's blog!

I was really chuffed to see myself (and my daughter, of course) featured in a mainstream magazine! I can now class myself as a published photographer, ha ha! x Company magazine wanted to do a feature on bloggers and the person who takes their photographs, she was one of the chosen few. I do not class myself as a photographer, I know how to hold a camera and press the button....What's funny is that I used her camera when taking pictures for her blog, but used my camera phone for mine. That's all changing now...Today she received her Christmas present from me and her daddy...a swanky new camera, Canon 550d...so I now own her Panasonic. Hopefully this means that my photography skills will improve even more. I'm really proud of everything she has achieved through her blog and all the wonderful opportunities she has had. 

She had also been chosen to take part in a photo shoot for  Tabio's 2011 Blogger Campaign (a Japanese sock and hosiery specialist) and her legs where also featured in the Harrods Magazine.
Not long to go for the Big Day! I'm very excited about the holidays. This year I'll be sharing Christmas with my mum, daughter, brother, sister-in-law and two gorgeous nephews. Five days of food, fun and festivities!     Christmas Day is going to be awesome!!!
 Hope you have a fantastic Christmas!    See you in 2012
 Barrina xx


  1. Merry Christmas Barrina, Jazzabelle is such a beautiful human being, so glad I have had the pleasure of meeting her on more than one occasion!
    Hope you both have a wonderful day. Congrats on the publication from one Photographer to another x

  2. Well done to you and to Jazmine!

    I've also met her a couple of times and Gem is right, she's a lovely girl - you obviously already are but you really should be proud of her :)

    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012!!

  3. Wow! Congratulations to you both! You are both gorgeous!

  4. Wow, Barrina, that's fabulous. Well done to both of you. Oh and Annie is right, you're both stunning. xx


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