Layered Lavender Cushions

15 October 2011

The first October weekend was a scorcher and it was lovely spending time away from home. After work on the Friday I jumped on a train to Milton Keynes to see my sister and her family. We went straight out to the Harvester, to celebrate my niece's birthday, and I must've eating a weeks worth of food in one sitting. 
The rest of the weekend was spent chillaxing in the garden, stuffing my face with lots of good homemade food, including a tasty fish bbq and a massive roast, reading and making a few more lavender cushions. 
I made the green and purple cushion for my lovely niece. 

I made the red and purple cushion for my sister. It was made in a bit of a rush and I wasn't completely happy with it, so I've promised to make a bigger better one as a Christmas gift for her.

I wanted to make one for my sister's partner, so he didn't feel left out, but didn't want it to look too girly.
I decided on cutting out the shape of his initial, hoping it will look more masculine, and thankfully he liked it.

I'd made this one a few weeks earlier, as a thank you gift to a friend, .
I think I'm becoming addicted to layering and I'll definitely be making more letter shaped cushions in the future.!

Barrina xx


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