11 August 2011

Words cannot fully express how I feel about these riots. It has sickened me to see the news of innocent people attacked, stripped of the clothes on their back, robbed when already down and losing everything they have worked hard for.

I live five minutes walk from Clapham Junction and it is heartbreaking to see all the damage that has been done by mindless idiots. It was bad enough that they looted and wreaked businesses, but to set fire to them with no regards to the many families who live above or next door to theses businesses!!?? Why? So many families have now lost their homes and livelihood.  

From my window I watched groups of teenage girls laden down with handbags and clothes laughing away, and boys/young men carrying huge sacks of loot. I watched one male boasting on his phone to his friend about the shop he had just robbed only to be mugged by three men dressed as ninjas. Seriously, head to toe in black tight fitted clothes.

My daughter couldn't get home after work on Monday night, which was a very scary experience for me, thankfully her uncle lives near her work, so she had somewhere to stay for the night. Thank you to my wonderful neighbour who had offered to help get her home that night.

I live in a one bedroom flat on a council estate with my teenage daughter. Yes, we get angry about our living situation but we would never dream of looting or damaging people's business/property. Nor do we go around whinging about how hard our life is. We have had to learn to make do with what we have and be grateful.

I don't want to get into any political arguments. Both the Government and parents have to accept some responsibility. Children and adults, both young and old, need to learn manners, self respect and self discipline. There are many topics/issues which need serious addressing and great changes need to be made, but sadly they are not going to happen over night.

My heart goes out to all the innocent people who have been affected one way or another by the riots and hope for peace in our communities. I applaud all the good people, both young and old, who helped to clean up the mess which those idiots left behind. I didn't want to write this post to begin with, but it has been churning in my head for days alongside a migraine. I haven't said all I wanted to say, putting my thoughts into words is not a strong point of mine. But, I do feel a little less weighed down by the stress of it all.

Keep safe!!! xx


  1. That is sooooo well said. I'm pleased you decided to write it.

    Sheila x

  2. That piece has moved me to tears, you have expressed yourself perfectly and echoed my thoughts too. The Junction was my local for many years and watching the news Monday night and well into the early hours of Tuesday morning is a memory I will never forget. Watching the good people of London.....and other cities too.... try and put right the aftermath makes you realise that there are more good people than evil and that, i am certain, counts for something.

  3. Thank you B. I'd say putting your thoughts into words IS a strong point of yours. I wanna read more. How is it now i the neighbourhood. Any more ninjas? Keep Safe. M.

  4. So beautifully put. You speak with grace and dignity and I'm so proud of you. Keep safe and I hope it gets better. XOXO Big hugs


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