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27 June 2011

It's so lovely watching the birds feed at my window. The Blue Tits are less shy this year, allowing me (or my daughter) to get within a foot of them. We managed to get some great shots of them feeding. 

The only annoying thing is when the pigeons (my least favourite bird) try to perch on the feeder. 
They've never succeeded, nor will they, but they still try.
Attaching the seed balls to the feeder has meant that the birds tend to hang around for much longer. Occasionally we'd see three or four tits feeding at the same time. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera handy at the time. 
Plus on two occasions, last week, a young blue tit had accidently flown inside. 
It didn't hurt itself, but the poor thing must have been really scared.
 The Great Tit usually grabs it's food and fly off, but since I started using the seed balls they will hang around a little bit longer for a photo.
The Greenfinch is quite a nervous bird, making it very difficult to get a good picture. The slightest movement and it's off at top speed, leaving me with blurry pictures. This is a juvenile finch and so cute. 
Hopefully I'll be able to get more photo's of this gorgeous bird.
Fabric Swap
I am taking part in a fabric swap (I've never done this before) with was organized by Kandipandi. My swap partner is the lovely miss pixie, another blogger who is also new to swaps. I am little nervous about it, but at the same time I'm very excited. It will be lovely receiving something through the post, other than bills. 

Hope you all have a lovely week x


  1. aw,how cute is that little birdie,we never see birds in our garden thanks to the cats! x

  2. Oh that is so sweet. I only ever get to see 'orrible magpies.

  3. What lovely photo's honey x x

  4. Aw, cute little guys. We've got a load of bird feed, but it's the squirrels that keep taking it! X

  5. Lovely photos! Such pretty birds :)

  6. Those are such lovely photos!


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