Sunday, 10 April 2011

Handmade Friendship Bracelets

I was given a lot of embroidery thread by the lovely lady in my local charity shop. She knows I'm trying to be a little more creative, so I was really happy when I went in the other day and she had saved these for me. On top of that she wouldn't let me give her any money, so I've promised to make something for her. 

Then, one day last week I had a brainwave (been having a few of those lately) and made a friendship bracelet using the embrodary thread. It took all of a minute to make one and I was quite pleased with my make. In no time at all I had made fourteen. Then, whilst spending time with my sister and her family, I made another thirty or so. Of course they all ended up with a friendship bracelet in the colours of their choice.

I think I might sell them at the car boot sale next weekend, but not sure what to price them as.
I was thinking maybe thirty pence each? 
I made the lavender cushion for a friend's birthday and of course I had to throw in a friendship bracelet. 
I've started making simple lavender cushions to sell, and now that my sewing machine is working I'll be able to make a whole lot more. Of course I'll still be making some by hand.


  1. what a lovely idea :)

    i, like most people, love handmade things, and the friendship bracelets and lavender bags are sure to be a hit!
    what a lovely lady the charity shop worker must be to not only save the embroidery threads for you, but to not even charge you for them too!

  2. I thought the first pic was someone's hair at first! The bracelets are great - yes, I would think 30 or 40p. Abby x