Thursday, 31 March 2011

Charity Shop and Car Boot Bargains

A few weeks ago I went to the Battersea car boot and came home with some really lovely bargains.

I found this shelf unit for only three pounds. The man on the stall told me he had used it longways as a letter rack, but I think it looks good this way up in my kitchen.

I also bought these two small white, bone china pots with lids, for one pound each. I love white crockery and they are ideal for serving dips, etc. The bowl, for fifty pence, is the perfect place to keep my eggs.

In one of our local charity shops, my daughter picked up the two Starbucks espresso cups for fifty pence each, and I found twelve Costa espresso cups for a bargain price of three pounds,

The white planter cost around a pound. It's always worth spending an extra minute or two browsing around charity shops, especially through the bric-a-brac, it's so amazing what you can find for next to nothing.

I have a great love for glassware and picked up these three glass bottles, at the carboot, for fifty pence each.

Unfortunately, they don't have corks so I may just use them for single flowers. But, I'm sure that over time I will find many different uses for them.

The brandy glasses and Irish coffee cups (above) were bought in a charity shop for fifty pence each.

Now that the weather is warmer I can enjoy more bargain hunting on a Sunday afternoon.

I love my bargains!


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    Great bargains, I think the shelf unit looks better too x

  2. Best tip so far: When you steal crockery from coffee shops pretend you bought them in a charity shop! Cheers!

  3. Thank you for your comment, but I can assure you that none of these items were stolen!

  4. I love your glass bottles and they look so lovely grouped together like that. xx